5-Why’s-and why they are so important

Over the weekend, during a conversation, I was reminded of how my previous placement over a year ago did not work out as both parties had hoped. 

As I began to shrink myself and become defensive during the conversation and list stats of all the placements that have worked out under my agency, including the person who felt it was necessary to make that statement yet again, I had to stop and remind myself why I started Alexander Recruiting, LLC in the first place. 

My 5 Why’s:

1. I wanted the freedom to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship. No more did I want to keep putting my goals and aspirations on a vision board; I wanted to take action and bet on myself. 

2. I TRULY enjoy everything about careers. Recruiting, career coaching, teaching, and learning about what people do every day for a living are beyond interesting to me. 

3. My slogan, “I am excited about your Future,” embodies me as a person. I pour into people, and being able to see results through job placements, professional growth, and development is what gets me to keep going, despite the setbacks.

4. I AM really good at this, and I have the testimonials, the invoices, and a steady clientele to show for it.

5. The moment I decided to take a leap of faith and bet on myself, I have not missed an IEP meeting (for my daughter who has an intellectual disability), a parent-teacher conference for my other child, any doctors or dentist appointments, or “mom, I forgot my lunch at home” trips, being able to take my kids to school and pick them up each day, having lunch with my husband each day, and my favorite going to the nail/hair salon for some me-time during the day moments. 

As a recruiter, you will have some excellent placements and some that do not work out. Being successful in this business is not when everything goes right; it’s showing how resilient you are for your clients and candidates when things DON’T go as planned. 

Wherever you are in life and whatever you do for a living, take some time to write down your 5-why’s. Place them somewhere you will have easy access to read them, especially when you feel like giving up. 

Remember, this day is filled with possibilities and potential! Get excited about your future! 



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